About us


Growing up in a farming family there’s one thing you come to quickly understand, farmers always find a way to get things done. They’re resourceful, driven and determined.

It’s this same work ethic that lead us to create and build Groundhog Industries, and it’s what continues to drive us today. As a husband and wife led team, starting in humble beginnings back in 2010 with just 4 products, now after 11 years we have worked hard, expanded our product range and have earned our reputation of supplying high quality, consumable wear parts to agricultural industry, nationally.

Like many of the farming families we work with, our business is a partnership and we take a truly collaborative approach to managing it. With Jack responsible for the innovation and design of the products, and Nadia as both the customer face and management behind the scenes of the business. Together, we’ve been able to grow with a focus on creative, best-practice solutions and outstanding customer service.

Our vision for Groundhog has always been to help farmers solve problems of efficiency and durability through innovative design.

Groundhog products are better value per hectare than their competitors. All Groundhog products have been designed and tested to offer maximum protection from wear at the best price. While providing longer lasting wear resistant products we are committed to our customers reducing downtime and replacement costs

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how our products can best help you. You can drop by our new premises, call our office or send an email and let’s chat.

Jack and Nadia