Bush Kits for Precision Seeders

Bush Kits for Precision Seeders

Groundhog Industries have been supplying bush kits for precision seeding bars to the Australian agricultural industry for many years.

We use Chrome bar of various sizes to produce our pins, sourced from quality suppliers with the finest tolerance, cut to length and then machine threaded.

Our Bushes are made from the best available materials and machined to precision sizes and clearances to provide optimal fitment when installed.

Standard OEM bushes and pins often have larger tolerances / clearances between the bush and pin. They often use lesser quality materials, such as bolts instead of chrome pins and extruded bushes instead of machined, resulting in more play or slop within a Tyne assembly from new. This play results in premature wear and higher replacement costs over time.

Given the time and effort and cost to re-bush a seeding machine, it will save money over the long term by using better materials made to specification to suit the application.