• Robust cast boot provides accurate placement of liquid and granular fertiliser below the seed. This design enables the boot to be deeper in the ground and the steel side walls of the boot provide a wear resistant shield delaying the flow of soil back into the trench.
  • Using plastic tube eliminates the need for expensive stainless steel tubing, the need to weld a nut to the rear of the point and prevents bending or blockages.
  • The plastic tube remains undisturbed during point changes saving time and money
  • The boots design provides a protected pathway for the plastic fertiliser tube to ground level.
  • Boot is compatible with stainless and powder coated granular fertiliser tubes.
  • DESIGN REG: 335057


Our fertiliser boot has been designed to place product deeper in and under the seed than other fertiliser boots and therefore comes into contact with the soil. Because of this we have increased the wall thickness to increase wear life. We also offer application of tungsten grit hard facing on request.